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How Can Couples Overcome Age-Related Infertility Challenges?

When it comes to fertility, age plays a significant factor for both men and women. As you grow older, you may meet with many challenges- earning your degree, finding jobs, and building your career. Of all things, having a baby may be one thing that might be a bit more challenging for you. Don’t delay, contact with the best infertility clinic in Sharjah and find answers to overcome your challenges.

For men, the sperm volume and motility tend to decline as they age. For those over 45 years old, the chances of becoming a father declines, and the risk increase. It takes five times longer for the couples to conceive and the risk of miscarriage increase if the male partner is over 45, even if the female partner is young in her 20s.

The challenges are much more prominent for women. With age, women’s fertility tends to decline. At age 30, the chance of conceiving is about 20%, and the chance reduces down to around 5% by the time women reach 40.

As women get older, not only the quantity but the quality of the eggs decline, leading to a high-risk pregnancy for mothers and her baby. If the woman is over 40, the risk of miscarriage increases and also poses other health risks such as placenta previa and gestational diabetes.

So, what are the options to overcome age-related infertility challenges for couples?

The best option is to work with an experienced physician to quickly assess fertility and take steps. Options may include, In vitro fertilization, fertility preservation, or donor eggs.

Want to learn more about these options? Contact us for a consultation and meet with an experienced physician at LifeWay Medical Center, the best infertility clinic in Sharjah, serving the UAE area.

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