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Name:             Patient 1
Age:                 36yrs.old
Nationality:      Morocco
Married – 2yrs

Both ovaries – P.CO

℞ ć glucophage earlier

Semen Analysis – Count N

Motility 25 y/o – She was on clomid only 2 cycles with no effect for ovulation induction. Inj.Gora; F was added IUI was advised which patient refused but she conceived in

Now delivered Male Baby Healthy.

Name:             Patient 2
Age:                 26yrs.old
Nationality:      Bangladesh
Married – 6yrs
Licing together 2yrs Po+1

Had Clomid & Inj. Menogon in 4 cycles in another clinic.
Both Ovaries – PCO (was on glucophage already)

Semen Analysis Count – Normal
Motility – 37y/o only
Infection – ℞ ć Antibiotics for x2weeks
Visited Clinic in April,2016 Few cycle of ovulation, Induction with clomid and Inj. Gonal F.

Name:             Patient 3
Age:                 32yrs.old
Nationality:      Pakistan
Married – 6yrs with No Issues

A case of Polycystic ovaries with Irregular Menstrual Cycles, both tubal block operated by Laproscopic Surgery in PAK. Head earlier ovulation induction jailed was on glucophage on & off.

Visited us in July,2016 on Ovulation Induction with clomid & Inj Gonal F
Conceived now 20+ weeks Pregnanct with no c/o.

Name:           Patient 4

Age:              28 yrs old

Nationality:    Pakistani

Married 3yrs living together with no issue She visited us in Nov, 2016 with regular menstrual cycles monthly, had treated many places with no effect. One cycle letrazole was given but no effect.

On examination Ultrasound: uterus normal size with both ovaries polycystic ovaries. Tubes normal All other investigations normal except the LH harmone was high. Semen analysis with good count but motility was only 50%. She was on glucophage along with clomid and Gonal F for ovulation induction and response was good eggs but 3 cycles of induction ovulation she did not conceived. In the 4th cycle it was decided to do the same if not conceived the next cycle combined with IUI but she conceived in 4th cycle now 10 weeks pregnant.

Name:            Patient 5

Age:                38 yrs old

Nationality:    Sri Lankan

Married:  7yrs living toghether one child 6yrs old and a case of secondary infertility

A case of anovulatory cycles with polycystic ovaries. Both tubes normal in spill. Had been on treatment since last 4 yrs with no effect. Semen analysis normal count and motility She visited us in Oct, 2016 first.

She was treated with Glucophage and ovulation induction was done with clomid and Gonal F and she didnot conceived in 3 cycle’s inspite of good response of ovulation induction it was decided to do IUI along with the ovulation induction in 4th cycle she conceived after 4th cycles of ovulation induction in Jan, 2017 now she is 11 wks pregnant.