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105 | Al Bin Ham Building | Al Mamzar | Sharjah

The Best Infertility Clinic in Sharjah

Infertility leads to the inability to conceive. This is a problem for both men and women due to many reasons. Some reasons for infertility in men are stress, abnormal production of sperms, genetic problems, or even health problems like diabetes. In women, blocked fallopian tubes, ovulation irregularities, cervical issues, and hormonal changes are a few reasons that lead to infertility.

Pregnancy is considered a beautiful time. Sometimes problems do occur, but you should not worry or stress about it. In many cases, couples often face difficulties for months, but after getting professional help from infertility clinics, they can have their dream family by taking the right steps.

Lifeway Specialized Medical Center

Lifeway Specialized Medical Center is an infertility clinic in Sharjah, known for its cost-effective and quality procedures for infertility treatment. There is complete understanding and full transparency between the doctors and the patients. The patients are properly informed about the steps and the procedures.

Semen Analysis and Intrauterine Insemination are the two main conception methods. This clinic has the best doctors for these methods:

  • What is the Semen Analysis procedure?  

Semen Analysis is also known as a sperm count test. What does this analysis do? It analyses a man’s semen by measuring some significant factors: sperm health, the number of sperms, the shape of the sperm, and the movement of the sperm, also known as sperm motility. This test will help determine whether a man is infertile. The analysis will also help understand if low sperm count or sperm dysfunction is the reason behind infertility.

  • What does Intrauterine Insemination do?

This is a laboratory procedure in which highly motile sperm is placed in a woman’s uterine cavity. This facilitates fertilization and helps the sperm reach the egg. This method is also used by women who want sperm donors. There is a slight chance of getting an infection, but it is rare.

Infertility cases have been increasing over the years. Conception has been problematic for some couples, but due to the advanced technology, there is hope. Lifeway Specialized Medical Center has been established as the best infertility clinic in Sharjah. This trusted healthcare provider treats all their patients as a priority. Apart from pleasant patient experience, help is always available here.

To get in touch with this clinic, all you need to do is simply visit their website. You can also call them directly.

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