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Infertility Treatment in Sharjah – Tips to Improve Egg Quality and Succeed Infertility

Infertility treatment is becoming a viable solution for many women trying to conceive. But what else a woman must do to maximize your chance of having a baby? Taking care of your body should be your foremost priority, especially during your menstrual cycle. This does count getting rid of those things/habits that might severely affect egg quality & fertility. If you are looking to conceive your chances during infertility treatment, here are 8 tips you must give emphasis to.

#1 Avoid Alcohol, Sugar, & Processes Food. This stuff has little nutritional value and disrupts the body’s metabolism. Alcohol is particularly harmful to the development of the foetus. It should not be consumed if you are on infertility treatment. The processed food & oil elevates inflammation levels and adversely affects our immune system. Hence, it is important to remain as healthy as possible to support pregnancy.

#2 Associate with Best Doctors and Embryology Laboratory. For a reliable Infertility Treatment in Sharjah, it is important to associate with the centre having twofold aspect – (a) sound experience and (b) commitment to evidence-based medicine. The professionals at LIFEWAY SPECIALIZED MEDICAL CENTRE are more comfortable to connect with and will accompany you on your very emotional journey. They will make you feel supported and comfortable.

#3 Has Adequate Level of Vitamin D. 40% of individuals with infertility are lacking in vitamin D and have the worst IVF outcome. Consult with your nearby doctors to check on your vitamin D level. If necessary, do consider taking a vitamin D supplement.

#4 Exercise Regularly. This is great for reducing stress and also for improving circulation. Regular exercise supports overall health & vitality. But your regime should be in consideration with a medical history and safe exercise experience. A severely strenuous activity might not be a good choice.

#5 Have plenty of sleep before treatment. Try to get into a good sleeping routine for at least three weeks before infertility treatment in Sharjah. By doing so, your natural melatonin production will increase. This improves your emotional wellbeing and results in the development of healthy follicles.

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