Lifeway Specialized Medical Centre: Affordable Obstetric, Gynecologist, Dental, and Fertility Services in Sharjah


Time:9:00 AM - 12:00 PM and 4:00 PM - 8:30 PM Except Fridays.

105 | Al Bin Ham Building | Al Mamzar | Sharjah

Why ‘Lifeway Med Center’ is a Professional Choice for Infertility Treatment in Sharjah?

Are you getting sleepless nights due to infertility problems? If yes, then seize your ‘chance to conceive’ with the leading specialist for infertility treatment in Sharjah, UAE.

Lifeway Med Center is associated with the certified IVF Centers who confirms the aptness in their services and provide best in class services with utmost proficiency. With us, choosing a fertility clinic becomes a hassle-free quest and you go with the one that fits you the best (like Pakistani patient to Pakistan centers, Indians to India Mumbai also). Besides, you not only get your choice of a dedicated fertility specialist, but we also uncover every possible option to conceive a baby.

We do a semen analysis, ovulation inductions, follicular studies, IUI and then prescribe you with the best infertility treatments & success rate. In a country where are restricted to IVF center, where many procedures are restricted to do by Law we help the patients to modifying the treatment options accordingly to get the maximum benefit.

Ever since we incorporated, Lifeway Med Center has helped thousands to realize their parenthood dream and provided hope for patients facing infertility problems.

The treatment is organized by an experienced doctor inside a state-of-the-art facility. The clearer advantage of IVF is emotional, psychological and social development and helps women who are suffering from PCOS and improper ovulation. Being an experienced organization, we do understand the emotional state of a patient and find you a safe and effective solution to achieve your goal.

The factors that portray Lifeway Med Center, a reliable organization for infertility treatment in Sharjah, UAE is:

• Lifeway Med Center is the center of first-class treatment with the latest reproductive technique.
• Exceedingly experienced medical team ensuring infertility treatment of the highest standard.
• Tailored fertility care as per the individual needs.
• Supportive, personal and caring approach.
• Utmost Success ratio.
• Specialized in both male and female infertility evaluation.

Investing in Lifeway Med Center is more like investing in proficiency, especially if you want your chosen clinic to be comfortable and devoted to delivering promising care. With a personalized approach and collaborative attention, we feel proud to join your path to parenthood and ensure transformative experience through a practical fertility solution.

Since our organization is being managed by a team of fertility doctors and staff members (who are trained and highly expert in their field), we can deliver the treatment that is convenient to you and ensure utmost success rate. To learn more about infertility treatment, do stop by at

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